14 Aug 2012

+ Fair Ohs 
Melkweg, Amsterdam
19.30 | €12 | Free for Subbacultcha! members

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Future Islands:

This Baltimore synth pop trio’s latest album, On the Water, was (perhaps not surprisingly) recorded at the seaside. Waterfront life is present throughout the album, from field recordings to the tempo, which has mostly slowed down to match the ocean’s tranquil rhythm. While it’s mellower than the songs on 2010’s excellent In Evening Air, OtW has plenty to keep us moist, its songs filled to the brim with all the romance, throbbing rhythms, addictive melodies and stirring vocals that earned these guys a special place in Subbacultcha’s hearts in the first place. Singer Samuel T. Herring’s wild onstage antics and the band’s tightness make their live shows well worth witnessing.

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Fair Ohs:

Afro-beat summer punk band Fair Ohs are back in Amsterdam. Expect more of their trademark African guitar sounds, upbeat rythms and catchy vocals.

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