31 May 2012

ft Ital, Magic Touch, Maria Minerva & LA Vampires
OT301, Amsterdam
20.30 | €10 | Free for Subbacultcha! members

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For everyone who loves curling up in a good pair of sheets (and that’s everyone, right?), we highly recommend immersing yourself in 100% silk of a different kind. The prolific new label of hyper-enthusiastic, hyper-articulate Amanda Brown, 100% Silk has risen meteorically since its inception in early 2011. Though Ital and Maria Minerva have already wowed Subbacultcha audiences with their genre-defying, retrogazing dance music, tonight makes for the most thorough and thoroughly enjoyable experience this hotbed of creativity has to offer. It’s like sleeping in lotion!


Daniel Martin-McCormick makes challenging music as both Sex Worker and as one half of Mi Ami, but he’s breaking a new set of rules with his Ital project, taking leftfield aesthetics and unconventional song structures and imposing them on classic house and techno. Like many of his 100% Silk labelmates, by manipulating existing sounds he calls into question our notions of what constitutes dance music and artistic creation. Heady shit!

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Amanda Brown doesn't just co-own Not Not Fun and 100% Silk, she also makes her own brand of blissed-out low-end tape-loop dance music as LA Vampires. She's done numerous collaborations with fellow Silkers like Ital and Octo Octa, and even a "witch-dub" collab with none other than Zola Jesus. Her repertoire is as diverse as it is dance-able.

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Damon Polermo has somehow transposed his rhythmic skills as a drummer for Mi Ami to become a master of mixing and producing. With his Magic Touch project he sets dancefloors ablaze and transports you back to the disco-house heydays of yore.

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Maria Juur aka Maria Minerva has a lot going on. Besides playing psychedelic, avant-pop disco music, she is also currently writing her Masters thesis in Aural and Visual Culture. Her cassette Tallinn at Dawn and the 12” Noble Savage came out on Not Not Fun/100% Silk this summer. Settled in Lisbon by way of Estonia, this lady creates stylised compositions that echo Madonna and Prince Rama. Get ready for a night of distorted, electronic bedroom beats underlined by sultry, whiny vocals.

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